Dog Shopaholic?

Dog Shopaholic?

One of the biggest challenge any dog owner will face is fighting the constant urge not to buy your four legged friend a new gift. I think we can all agree that we usually spectacularly fail at this! However, whilst we may be a sucker for purchasing new products, how much emphasis do we place on quality over quantity?

The pet market globally is worth £99 billion and this means there are tons of new and exciting brands (including ourselves) who are consistently bringing new products/services to market. However, it has become clear that quality of product is more important to dog owners than ever. Our dogs are one of the family! So what things should you consider when selecting new products and services:

  • Can you easily engage with the business? It should be easy for you to engage with any company to ask questions ahead of a purchase. Transparency is key!
  • Where are the products sourced from? A red flag would be any companies not listing where products are made. Equally, products from countries that do not have strict trading standard should be avoided
  • Do the companies take into account dietary requirements? This is a big one that we have to consider with Willow and is now more common about dog owners.
  • Is the company registered? In modern times there are plenty of companies operating via social media only or through online marketplaces such as Etsy. However, these organisations will not be held to the same standards/regulations as companies registered through Companies House. This is important should there be any issues with your products/services.


In summary, the products and services market for dogs will only continue to grow in the coming years. However, it will never hurt to sense check some of these points to ensure you and your dog and getting the best deal.

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